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Shipping Line Agency

Aegon is a designated agency responsible for handling shipments and cargo, and other general interests of customers, at ports and harbors across the world. We serve on behalf of, multiple ship owners, managers, and players in the market. With inbound and outbound container movements for domestic and international purposes, we work with utmost vigilance and commitment.

With improved capability and performance, we are not only dealing with cargo movements but also all kinds of shipping agency work that are carried by our team of immense skill and expertise. We strive to meet the growing needs of the market with container vessels, tankers, car carriers, dry bulk carriers, cruise vessels, trampers, and more. With prolonged experience and thorough knowledge of the industry, we have grown as the most trusted shipping agency in the market.

All of our shipping services are embedded in mutual trust and we deliver not only goods on time, but also enhanced customer experience. With professional interventions to take care of everything about shipping, from dispatching documents, customs, accessibility, port clearance, and more, we assist our clients at the best.

We provide

Aegon is established to provide seamless services with consistent performance and guaranteed transfers. In the light of prolonged expertise, we extend our dedicated and professional services to various global destinations in minimal budget.

Liner Agency Services

Aegon provides the most economical packages of liner shipping agency service. We back to secure bookings of shipping space from neighborhood shippers. With more noteworthy obligation to conduct deals and marketing of the shipping line and give extra administrations such as vessel operations, container tracking, haulage, documentation, and crew exchanges, we remain exceedingly competitive within the industry.

Port Agency Services

Aegon extends multiple port agency services to clients of any sector. With professional approaches and interventions backed by expertise and skills, we ensure heightened satisfaction to every client. We are proficient in handling any custom shipping assistance at ports or anywhere in between.

Booking vessel in and out of the harbor

Orchestrating the pilot and tugboat services

Assistance for travelers to immigration authorities.

Vessel clearance documentation.

Advising on customs of the ship’s entry and detailing the cargo on board.

Loading and unloading at ports.

Ships husbandry.

Crew changing and travel arrangements.

Ship services and maintenance.

Why Aegon Shipping Line Agency?

Over years, we have been growing as the most trusted shipping line agency in the global market. With every new deal, we are adding the contract of the unlimited bond of mutual trust and reliability. We work towards attaining business goals with transparent relationships.

Trustworthy & Reliable

Excellent Customer Relationship

A well experienced and talented team

Quick turnaround of vessels & cargo

A wide network of partners

The largest collection of fleets and vessels

Standardized Administration