Our Services

With every innovation in the worldwide freight forward system, Aegon travels with utmost curiosity. We always try to accommodate the latest freight forward technology and system in our profile, with a passion to gift our clients the best of logistics service in the industry. Aegon offers a wide spectrum of services that are customized to meet the freight requirements of clients. We are committed to delivering efficiency and effectiveness with every logistic intervention we tie with customers.

Sea Freight

We take responsibility to undertake any volume of sea freight services for the goods and equipment that can get transported via ships.

Air Freight

Aegon is one of the major global air freight networking partners with a wide service portfolio and improved designation in the industry.

Shipping Line Agency

Aegon is a designated agency responsible for handling shipments and cargo, and other general interests of customers, at ports and harbors across the Middle East.

Road Transport

Aegon is an expert team of freight forwarding associates committed to delivering quality goods transportation at right time at the right price.

3rd Party Logistics & Distribution

Third-party logistics company in UAE to provide outstanding services in logistics and supply chain management for small, medium, and large scale industries.

Packing & Removal

Aegon is a professional team of packers and movers, to deal with all sorts of domestic and international shifting or moving.