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Fast, smooth, and efficient road freight forwarding company!!

Aegon is an expert team of freight forwarding associates committed to delivering quality goods transportation at right time at the right price. With advanced technology and modern freight management systems, we comply to develop the finest off-road transport experience for personal and commercial clients. With extended commitment and transparency, we serve each client with a supporting system offering complete transparency and visibility of their shipments along their way to the destination.

With a wide fleet of trucks and carriers, Aegon provides the right truck for the right consignment thereby ensuring that client’s goods reach their destination timely and safely.  With prolonged experience and expertise in the industry, we have been working continuously to serve the domestic and international markets through road transport.

Why Choose Road Freight?

Road freight forwarding is much convenient than any other mode of transport. Below are the major highlights of road freight transport. We work on multiple services in a time-bounded manner and offer every client-defined services with a dedicated and advanced fleet.

Cost-efficient – Road freight forwarding is comparatively cost-efficient and is highly suitable for budgeted transport of goods. This is one of the goods transportation methods highly convenient for small and medium sized companies.

Flexible and Reliable– Road freight services give the transporter the flexibility to choose the route, mid-way drop-offs, and final destinations. Also, road freight has a reliable schedule and transport time, which are traceable too.

Door to door delivery – Road freight demonstrates to be helpful as each put can be effortlessly come to by street. Products can be picked up straightforwardly from the stacking point and dropped at the goal, without the requirement of any other mode of transport or different dealing with.

Minimize multiple handling of cargo –In road freight goods are loaded and unloaded right at the starting and endpoints. Compared to other freight modes, road freight services avoid multiple loading and unloading.

We have a team of experts for road freight forwarding, who will ensure the best of goods transportation experience in all areas of operation. With utmost care and commitment, we take care of everything from the placement of service quotes to the delivery of goods at the destination. We work cohesively to earn efficiency and consider each factor that can affect road freight efficiency, such as limited cargo capacity, road infrastructure, traffic, weather conditions, and more, in such a way that it will turn positive to the clients.